Thursday, 13 August 2009

5 Budget Present Ideas from Strawberry Anarchy

With the recession and credit crunch it's sometimes hard to be able to afford nice presents for people. Here are some idea's I have thought up to help you. If you have some more ideas then please leave me a comment it is always good to have this here for when birthdays and Christmas time comes round.

Tea Bag Hamper:
I got given a little package of all different herbal tea's it was such a great present as it normally would cost a fortune to buy all the different packs and try them. So why not buy lots of different herbal tea's and mix and match them to give to your friends to try, this way they can see what ones they like the best without having to buy a whole packet.

Cartoon Collector:
If your friend likes a certain cartoon or comic strip they read in their local paper or magazine. Why not cut them out and save them up for the whole year. Then make them their own little booklet designed and coloured in by you. This would also work with cut-outs of a certain style of fashion they like or style of artist.

Make a compilation C.D:
If your friend likes a certain type of music (easier if it's similar to your taste) then you could make them a compilation of new bands and songs which you have discovered. It's always nice to find new music and you could decorate the c.d cover to make it more personal. It would also be nice to write little comments beside the song titles, maybe even memories of your fun times together which certain songs bring.

Jar of goodies:
You get some nice jars out there and you sometimes feel guilty about throwing them out. Why not recycle by decorating a jar for someone, you can cover the lid in fabric, fimo/polymer clay (my personal favourite), paint or collage from old magazines and newspapers. Then you could fill it with some home-made sweets or candy some cost next to nothing to make and you could make a large batch and give lots of people them at the same time. Or you could fill it with lucky stars, all you need are strips of paper. Here is a tutorial for them. Or what about a humorous jar with the air, sand or mud from your town. You could make a cute label for it. This might be particularly good for a friend who has moved away. Or you could make your own little terrarium here is a tutorial

Customize Second Hand Clothes:
You can buy some cheap buttons and felt to spruce up bags, tops and jackets and make them more personal for the person your giving them to. Even better boot sales are even cheaper than charity shops. You can also use lace and other materials such as fabric paints. What about buying a cheap hat and making a really pretty flower to add to it. This can make a plain boring hat into something quite adorable.

I had a look around and I actually found a list of 101 budget ideas for gifts so if none of these spur on your creative juices then check out this great list for more ideas.


  1. I love the jar idea! They're so useful, and they're like a blank canvas!

  2. These are awesome ideas! I am totally going to make something out of the next jar I come across.

    This isn't a craft project necessarily, but I love to trade with people. I found a thread on the etsy forums during last year's holiday season with sellers who were willing to trade for gifts. They posted the kind of things they were after as well as what they were capable of making, and you could just browse through the thread finding talented artists to trade with. I ended up with some really cool items for people on my list, and all it cost me was a bit of my own creative energy. Plus it made me feel very old-world, using a barter system like that. I loved it, and plan on doing it again this year.

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. HI Miquette, I tagged you, pls. check it out dear friend.

  5. Hi thanks everyone and also for the new great ideas and for tagging me too :D much appreciated xx

  6. This is the cutest thing! I will definietely use the jar idea. I wish my friends would give ME a jar of candy!! <3



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