Thursday, 30 July 2009

Kiddy Land (Toy's Shop) Harajuku (Tokyo)

This is the coolest biggest toy shop in Tokyo, I need to go there so bad although I might die of excitement and a cuteness attack because there are just so many cute things. I love these video's because it is a little bit like you are actually walking around. I think I should have been born in Japan. waaahhhh my heart goes all fluttery when I look at all these cute things I just can not believe how many things I wanted to have. Apparently it is really expensive though so I must get saving. I must get there or I will die. I know that sounds dramatic but it's so true I need to get there somehow because it's just the perfect place for me. Harajuku is the first stop for me when I get to Japan. Have a look at these video's and let me know how they make you feel :D


  1. Brings back memories! I love Japan. I want to go back. :-) I hope you get to go there soon.

  2. I would love to go to japan! Also, you can get that dinosaur in video 2 from costco lol. =)

  3. It really is the best place ever :D Im going back in Feb! <3

  4. is there any squishyes?


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