Thursday, 16 July 2009

Decotti Silicone Cream and Clutter Jewellery

I made a few sales this week so I managed to order some decotti silicone cream if your wondering about what decotti is and what it does click here, I have been making items like these for quite a while but the problem I find is that the glue is a nightmare to work with I have tried the glue gun and liquid glue and I'm looking forward to this silicone cream so I can just squidgy some of that on in nice patterns then stick my items in in which will be so much easier,faster and fun and i think the final product will look much more crisp and fresh and I have some ideas up my sleeve for them too. So keep an eye out for some new improved clutter jewellery, it's gonna be so much fun to make:D
Measure My Madness Ruler Bracelet 1
Measure my Madness Bent Ruler 2

Funky Chunky Strawberry Candy Hair Barrette

as you can see with the above photo's these are not as cluttered as they could be! so yippee for silicone cream.
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  1. Oh they are lovely, especially the second bracelet.

  2. aww thank you! the second one was my most hearted item on etsy it had about 150 hearts before someone bought it hehe!


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