Friday, 17 July 2009

The Bubble Room Restaurant: Kitchy Greatness

I want to visit The Bubble Room even if the food isn't good I would just go to look at all the cool stuff I mean look at those rainbow railings and funky bubble menu's never mind the name of the place which also rocks...
Here's some quotes I have picked up about it.
"The Bubble Room is about desserts, desserts, desserts"
"The sight of the Bubble room upon your arrival will fill you with delight at the zany and multi-coloured design."
"For a couple, the food is not good enough, and the ambiance is probably not appropriate...unless you have a strong personal interest in kitch, antique advertising and similar whimsical memorabilia from Hollywood and Christmas past"
and the bubble restaurant says itself..
"People from all over the world visit the Bubble Room to see our collection of memorabilia. You are always welcome to wander and view our collection at your leisure"

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  1. interesting restaurant, and energizing... Nowadays, restaurant is not just serving food but also making atmosphere to make visitor comfortable to sit and keep ordering...

  2. Oooh, I think I've been there. I didn't remember the name of the place, but your picture of the exterior reminded me. Awesome place!


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