Sunday, 12 July 2009

Amazing Tongue Action

yes it sounds dodgy but it's not. I have always found it weird how some people can curl their tongue and some can't. I can, but I can't do all these mad things this girl does with hers. As my boyfriend said "she'll make some guy very happy" typical male kinda comment urgh!

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  1. Where do you find this stuff?!?

  2. well my boyfriend found that one! I never even bothered asking him how he found it lol!

  3. hi! I'm following you at twitter :D

    pd: your bf is sooo right ;)

  4. Actually, I can do those things with mine :) well, I haven't tried to do that kind of "dancing", but I'm sure i am capable of doing it. And I found I could do more than a "taquito" (small taco in spanish; i'm from Mexico) when I saw a Game Boy ad and there is this little dude who makes a "flower" withj the tongue and I told myself "I must do it!", and I could finally do it after some minutes of frustrating practice in front of the mirror :)

    And let me tell you that those tongue skills would work much better when making happy a woman, rather than a man ;)


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