Friday, 31 July 2009

Lego Fashion by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

I just love this mad fashion lego is amazing and I love making jewellery or other items out of it! This designer is so eccentric and he actually designed the kermit the frog outfit lady gag had on if you missed that you can view the craziness here

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Kiddy Land (Toy's Shop) Harajuku (Tokyo)

This is the coolest biggest toy shop in Tokyo, I need to go there so bad although I might die of excitement and a cuteness attack because there are just so many cute things. I love these video's because it is a little bit like you are actually walking around. I think I should have been born in Japan. waaahhhh my heart goes all fluttery when I look at all these cute things I just can not believe how many things I wanted to have. Apparently it is really expensive though so I must get saving. I must get there or I will die. I know that sounds dramatic but it's so true I need to get there somehow because it's just the perfect place for me. Harajuku is the first stop for me when I get to Japan. Have a look at these video's and let me know how they make you feel :D

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lady GaGa in her Kermit The Frog Outfit

There is something annoying about Lady Ga Ga, I seen her on the Jonathan Ross show getting interviewed and she didn't seem to have much of a personality. However I completely love this crazy outfit. My dad says that people who wear outrageous stuff do it because their personality isn't big enough so they compensate by wearing outrageous clothes. I think sometimes that is the case but I don't think you can categorize everyone into that same box. I think some people who wear outrageous clothes can also have crazy personalities although I'm not sure if Lady Ga Ga is one of them.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Kawaii Shit Box From FireBox

This is a good idea I wonder why it hasn't been done before? "the Shit Box pops open to become a rigid but comfy loo into which you can drop your fudge, again and again, without making a mess or gassing everyone within a 5 mile radius. That’s because it comes with 10 biodegradable poo bags. Genius!" This product is being sold at firebox. I think it's really cute and it would be good for festivals but where would you put it up? in your tent? it might be a bit smelly but I suppose it would be better than going to the minging porta-loos. or you could go for an easy alternative and just poo straight into a bag haha. apparently it can take up to 16 stone. Would you buy one for camping or a festival? As much as I love it I like to poo free I couldn't justify spending £14.99 on it.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Space Invaders Level Recreated in Needlepoint...and they're fridge magnets!

I love lostmittens work it is amazing, look at those cool coasters they look just like the real mario power ups, and these magnets are so detailed it must have taken ages to stitch them! to visit her etsy shop click here for more retro gamer related items.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Giant Handmade Blythe Doll Heads You Can Wear- Just Amazing

This is seriously cool I wish I could buy one but I'm positive they will go for a small fortune. here is what the creator said about how they made them.. and you should leave some comments for them at craftster on this thread
"They are made from fibreglass. They are quite light, they have a stem at the back of the neck that leads down to the waist where there is a back brace so all the weight is on their hips. As for the eyes, they are made from vac form plastic, which is a heatable plastic you can suck around a form to make a shape. We made a solid semi sphere buck by pouring plaster into half a big plastic bubble. I think the bubbles are normally used for xmas decorations, to fill with lollies and stuff. I used the vac form machine at school, thank goodness we had that available, otherwise we would have had to pay a company to do it for us at who knows what cost. The coloured part of the eye is this stuff called mylar, which was scraps left over from a show at school. It's like this mirror paper that you can stretch and staple to things to make your own mirrors. We coloured it with glass paints you can get from an art store. The eyelashes are just fake nylon hair, we used a curling rod to shape them.
There is a mechanism (crude as it may be) inside the eye which we developed so the eyelashes can flutter as the models walk. It was a difficult thing to get right, but we got there in the end"
You can also watch a video of the fashion show below, it takes a little while to get to the real blythe dolls but it is very cool to see them in action. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Amy Bleasby Chicken Face Art

I met this girl today at my work in Edinburgh she was working with me for a day. She told me she done art after I complimented her on her felted mushroom necklace, gotta love mushrooms! anyway she was very modest but I managed to get her to show me her drawings and I loved them straight away well actually I think they are amazing. I was wondering how she managed to get them looking so cool and professional she said she scans the drawings into the computer then touches them up on photoshop. You should check out the rest of her work here, currently she is not selling her work although I'm sure when she does she will be very successful. Can you believe her work hasn't been published yet?

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Trailer

WOOO HOOO I have been dying to see this trailer for ages, I think it looks promising I love all the strange characters. Beetle Juice and Edward Scissor Hands are hard to beat though. I can't wait to see this film I'm gonna make sure I get to see in in 3d as Coraline was amazing and I'm gonna be buying that one dvd and watching it many a times.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Foetus models: New scanning technique lets an expectant mother hold her unborn baby

I love the way the newly formed skeletons look they look so fragile and beautiful. You might think I'm weird for liking something like that but I think it's really interesting the way we form and it's amazing to be able to see this.
A new scanning technique allows expectant mothers to hold a life-size model of their unborn child

One example of the technique is a realistic skeletal depiction of conjoined twins in the womb...

...their positioning making them look as if they are hugging

Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Favourite Band- Fever Ray

I love this music so much, it's so relaxing and her voice is amazing too! If you like it you can check out more of their music on their myspace I find you feel like your meditating when you listen to it and I have been playing their music when making stuff lately. Let me know what you think :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Amazing Pole Dance

This doesn't have any boobs just pure acrobatics lol. This is miss Pole Dance 2009 and she is amazing I was amazed at the moves she can do, some look impossible. I suppose it is an art in itself.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Christopher Pethick Photography

I found these really cute photographs I love how he has managed to make the animals like the giraffe and horse look like cartoon characters, brilliant moments he has managed to capture. Just love them :)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Komaneko: The Curious Cat

This looks like a sweet little film that I wouldn't mind seeing!

The Making of Sculpted Baby Cake

This is kinda freaky but cool it is speeded up loads and the music is really manic but i like it hehe. This artist is really talented to be able to make a cake look so like a baby. I am still obsessed with cakes!! can't wait to treat myself to one at the weekend. What's your favourite kind of cake? Mines is probably carrot cake right now but any cake will do I would buy one before the weekend but better not spend any more money because last month we were skint by the end of the month so I must be well behaved. :P
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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Kawaii Tattoos

I collected some cute photo's of kawaii and cute tattoo's I myself haven't got a tattoo but if I got one it would probably be cute ones like these since I'm 27 now I don't see myself growing out of loving cute stuff hehe

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