Sunday, 7 June 2009

Personality Does Matter

I just read a really interesting article about organ doners and it has been noticed that people do worry about whether the doner was a good person. It follows on from research which found one in three organ transplant patients believe they have taken on some aspects of the donor's personality. This to me is very freaky. "There's quite an emotional punch about the heart and receiving someone's heart." You can read the article here I personally would not like the heart of a murderer inside me yuk! If you got smokers lungs you would feel like you had been smoking all your life even if you had never tried a cigarette before so MAYBE the actions and emotions of the doner do effect the organs inside the body and bad emotions destroy the organs! which is totally up the street of the "think positive" mentality .

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  1. Personality is a brain thing, not an liver thing (or other organ). Your heart doesn't have a personality. If the donor was stressed at the time of dying you wouldn't feel stressed if you got their organ. Organs are tested to be sure they're in working order and totally healthy. If the stress had affected the organ so much that it damaged it then you wouldn't be given it. Just like you wouldn't be given a pair of smoker's lungs as they'd be damaged.

    Although, horror movies have conditioned us to believe that a murderer's organs could cause the recipient to be a crazed killer. Now if you got a brain transplant...

  2. I don't think they have a personality but they may have some wear and tear but still be healthy enough to be chosen for s doner. My train of thought was that emotions can effect water crystals and because there is water in bodies perhaps these crystals then travel to the brain creating emotions. I find it hard to explain my thinking but I hope you understand what I'm saying. Just because this hasn't been proved doesn't mean it can't exist.

  3. hi I found a link "Water, Emotions and Positive Thinking"

  4. Well science hasn't really been able to figure out what makes personalities, so it's hard to say as the brain is still a bit of a mystery.

    Emotional stress can effect our organs, but in a scientific way. Like stress can cause strain and damage them. So while I think emotions could effect organs, I don't think that said organs (other than the brain) could contain those emotions.

    Does that make sense?

  5. yes i understand what your saying! i think that they could do though and maybe we just haven't discovered it yet. I would like to think that our organs are more personal to us than just there to do their job! I know that sounds a bit weird haha. i think though because our organs develop along with our bodies as we are growing they might be able to send signals to the brain which then creates emotions. i find it so hard to explain though.


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