Wednesday, 24 June 2009

knitted Graffiti - Knitta Please

I showed some photo's before of people tagging poles and tree's with knitting I found a cool video which shows the woman behind this idea and she explains of how it came about. People on the you tube comments are moaning and saying it is pointless but personally I think anything that brightens up the world in any way and makes a grey dull piece of cement or a chipped old rusty pole look happier is good to me. The bus is so cool :) I might get some people together in Edinburgh to do this.

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  1. super keen! i love this - thanks for sharing!

    have you heard of moss graffiti?


  2. no i haven't that sounds cool , tell me about it please...

  3. Thanks for sharing this!

    (and i'm curious about the moss graffiti too...)


  4. Moss graffiti is cool, I wish more people would do it. I also wish more people would do knitted graffiti. Ok ok I just love graffiti.. :P I've started doing stickers to put up in places, and am considering doing knit graffiti too.. but the moss graffiti seems like too much effort for me..


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