Saturday, 13 June 2009

Decora Fashion

I thought I would find some Decora people as this fashion never ever fails to make me happy and I just love all the colours and the fun ways people dress. I love all of these photo's! so much fun.

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  1. Are they Harajuku girls? In Japan young people are dressed like that and walk around Harajuku. (Harajuku is a part of district in Tokyo.) Harajuku is such a place. Do you have a place like that in your country where people would not think that you're crazy or something when you dress like that?

  2. they have been inspired by the harajuku girls i think. I think they must own the fruits books :) do you know that book? we have some places that young people hang around in city's but it isn't as colourful and as bright as it looks in Japan. we get a lot of darker fashion like goth and emo styles. I used to dress really mad and i have calmed down a lot now but i think i might just go crazy again hehe! do you live near harajuku?


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