Saturday, 6 June 2009

Chin People

Chin people never get old I really want to do a chin person video when I get my camera sorted I will definitely do one! here are some chin characters for you to viddy.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this! You always find something funny and interesting!

    BTW did you leave Entrecard? I used to come here thru EC, but I think it's about time I linked it from my blog because I like to see your posts. ;)

  2. thank you so much! i never left im still there! but i haven't had as much time to use it because I have 3 jobs now too! thanks for linking me! send me a code and I will link you back! lets do the 125x125 squares

  3. OK...then would you visit this page and get the code for my 125 banner? (The top one is preferable)

    How can I have your banner code?
    Maybe you send me an email from my contact page?

    I'll paste your banner at my link page,( but at a moment I cannot do that at the sidebar. If you're unhappy about that it's OK I just put a normal link as I planned originally. Please let me hear from you. Thanks!

  4. hi kirin sorry that i never got in touch sooner!! i had totally forgotten. I will stick it up as our blogs go well together and that means i can easily get to your blog :)


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