Friday, 15 May 2009

Survey From Joyuna

Joyuna(what a beautiful name) tagged me in her blog clickity click post for this survey. Here I go.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to:
1. The new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie.
2. The birth of my second nephew and my best friend's first baby (September and October)
3. Going to see my mum and dad at the weekend (I can not believe I am, but yep I actually miss them hehe. We fought like mad when I lived there though)
4. Going to the festivals and meeting bands with my new job and doing funny interviews with them hopefully.
5. My friends from Dundee next coming up to visit me in Edinburgh I love having them here.
6. Working on some new designs I have had stored in my head for a while.
7. Having money to be able to start some cool classes here like burlesque dancing, web design and an art class of some kind. I want to fill all my time up with fun things.
8. Hopefully being alive to see life on other planets that would be some good inspiration for art.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Re- took lots of photo's of my snow globe necklaces.
2. Twittered away time.
3. Went to work and tidied shelves, boring (I have three jobs now. That's one)
4. Bought toothpaste, bread and the new melon flavour and exotic fruit tic tacs YUMMY.
5. Did a bit of graphic design.
6. Put Vicks vapour rub on my head because I had a headache.
7. Farted - probably.
8. Drank strawberry milkshake.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Get fit again and lose the belly.
2. Speak French since I'm half French.
3. Sing really well.
4. Be mega brainy.
5. Stop drinking alcohol easily without giving into temptation.
6. Invent something that would make me a millionaire.
7. Go back to Morocco one day and give the cool people we met tons of cash.
8. Not have to worry about money so much.

P.S feel free to do this if you like! It's good fun.

Miquette :)

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