Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My New Hair

The photo's never turned out very good but you can get an idea of what my hair was like before and after. It was very long and straight without any body so just hung down each side of my head like curtains so I decided to get it cut and layered with a long fringe. Hope you like it, let me know what you think and if you prefer it before or after and don't worry I wont be offended if you prefer it long. hehe
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  1. Looks good, the front is a lot more flattering :)

  2. It looks great !
    Funny enough, I just did the exact same thing yesterday !!

  3. niice:) i think it's so refreshening having a new hair cut & getting to see something new in the mirror. it makes me feel like i'm capable of growing and making changes to myself/my life etc.. haha ok, so i don't go to the hair dresser very often. maybe if i did, it would be less interesting :P

  4. It looks great! I actually had the same haircut before!

  5. Hello, Strawberry Anarchy. How's it going lately?

  6. Thanks everyone it does feel nice to have new hair and it is quite nice because Edinburgh is a new place for me. It's going not bad. Thanks everyone x


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