Tuesday, 26 May 2009

japanese pizza commercial

I really wished I lived in Japan they have the cutest commercials in the world here is another one for pizza! why don't domino's and pizza hut do this cool kinda stuff booo. I think the U.K is behind in advertising if more adverts were made so cute I would be buying way more shit than I already do! the fools :P
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  1. omg omg omg I cant watch this as I am at work but Japan is awesome for cuteness. Kawaii!

  2. OMG that was so cute! I need to share that... ^-^

  3. Oh, this is the cutest commercial!!! I would buy that pizza right. now.

    I think this deserves to be on Your Daily Cute! ;)

  4. Ahahaha~, Japan is a country that loves kawaii. So things like this are always here and there. I see these kawaii ads anytime anywhere in Japan, I might take them as ordinal but once I'm out of Japan, I would realize how much I miss them for the first time...I guess. :p

    Anyway thanks for sharing. That's a point of view I'm losing among too many kawaii ads flood over here.


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