Friday, 29 May 2009

Inside My Friends belly Live on Webcam

One of my best friends is pregnant and she moved to Canada last year with her boyfriend so obviously it is weird not to be with her at such an important time in her life but we got to see in her belly live on web cam it was mad! you get sent an email with a password and you can log in so her mum and dad seen it live too! it was a bizarre experience but really amazing too. You can send the password to 5 emails and I felt so special to be one it was a lovely feeling. Below is a screen capture of the baby I was amazed at how detailed it was!! A new little life is going to be in the world soon, that makes me happy I know I sound like a total cheesball but it's true kids are amazing It's just a shame that the world sometimes changes them from the cute innocent creatures they were man I so want a baby :(. My friends will be excellent parents though they are a great couple I think they will take to it like ducks to water. Also another amazing thing is that my sister is having another baby!! she is due in October just a month after my friend it is a total shock because she is 38 now and her first son is 13 and there was no way she was expecting to have another baby I'm so excited I really wish they both never lived so far away though, my sister lives in Dublin it's not too far but still too far.

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