Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The borrowers by Mary Norton

I don't know if you will remember them but I loved them they are small people that live near humans and " borrow" human items and make their own stuff with them. They call humans "human beans" hehe. There was a t.v. series and a film about them too but I read all the books when I was young I got addicted to the world of the borrowers because they were little tiny people, and if you haven't noticed by now I love anything miniature. That reminds me were going to see Coraline at the cinema I can't wait. You can watch the film on you tube here is a taster.

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  1. gosh I remember them! I read some of the books and loved the movie!

    Sophie ^-^

  2. OMGoddess! I almost 4got about this awesome movie! I didnt know it was a series of books! I would love to read them :D

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  4. Yeah I had forgotten all about it too then it came into my memory hehe, you should read the books! they are great for kids If I ever have kids of my own I will get them the books since my mum got me reading them because she loved them from her childhood.


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