Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Barbie Girls Yay or Nay?

I just read a story about this girl below and how she loves barbie, is a glamour model, got bullied at school and is bulimic you can read her story here. I watch Snog, Marry Avoid which is a program that gets fake girls and gives them a make-under it is a great program and the girls always end up looking much better and more people want to snog/marry them instead of the previous avoid. This may seem controversial but to me anyone could be a fake barbie girl it's not exactly hard all you need is some bleach, silicone and don't eat anything but who would want to be really? I can't help thinking they just look like their easy. They probably do get more attention from men but personally I wouldn't want that kind of negative attention. Plus I like my food. Young girls if your reading please just be natural I see way too many of these barbie girls walking about and I find it hard not to judge them. The video is an example of a make-under process on the program Snog, Marry, Avoid.

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  1. People can look how they want to look, but many times when people have that look, they take it too far- TOO bleachy, TOO orange tan, bigger breasts than make sense for their frame. I think everyone looks best when they try to look good without pushing it to an extreme.

  2. Yeah I think that if it is a subtle look it is o.k I just don't like the extreme of the too bleachy etc, I agree though people should be able to wear what they like but I am just not sure if they would wear it if they knew what people were thinking about them.

  3. i vote for nay...
    I always thought 'barbie girls' are easy and, well, stupid.

    You can be sexy by acting natural, you don't even have to wear makeup..

    This kind of fake beauty doesn't last. I met girls in their 20's who look awful without makeup because they abused it for too long and even boys agree.

    What's the use of wearing tons of makeup if the guy waking up near you in the morning gets a heart attack seeing the natural you?


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