Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thailand Naree Pon Flower Pod Elf Women Fairies

Wow check these little fairies, it might be baby monkeys preserved I don't be knowing , but I don't be caring. They look real and they are potentially little real , actual fairies OMG,WTF? (that's me doing a 14 year old girl impression) yeah my little cousin went through a stage of wanting to be a footballers wife and just being a basic bimbo for a while I was really worried about her for a bit but she has came out of it a head strong girl who actually is sound, clued up and does not want to be the wife of a footballer!! Yehaaaaa for big cousins :P

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  1. ha ha OMG, WTF.. teenagers are fun. i have a cousin who is 15, and i've worried about her a lot, but i keep telling myself it's just a phase people have to go through.. she tries to lie to me, telling me she's 16.. ha ha.

  2. ewww those are kind of creepy

    Mummified pygmy marmosets maybe???

  3. I was going to drop you a e-card but I can't seem to find you Entrecard widget sorry

  4. What the???? Dude, those are ooky!



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