Thursday, 16 April 2009

Stephanie Metz Teddy Natural History

I love the way she has thought what the inside of a teddy bear would look like if it was real! you can visit her site here so you can see more of her amazing work I love the teddy in the jar the most as I have a fixation with objects captured in water or "trapped" in glass. I don't know why that is but it might stem from me being a premature baby and being in an incubator for the first few weeks of my life (I just came up with this theory right now lol) hmm it could be you never know, anyway here's what it says on her website- "Stephanie Metz is a sculptor whose innovative work in felted wool has garnered international attention. Her sculpture, focused on the relationship between humans and the natural world, fuses sharp wit, thoughtful observation, and careful craftsmanship in an unusual material to blur the line between art and science, natural and unnatural, organic and man-made"

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  1. wooow this is fantastic !!!

    i love the growing teddy- fetus :D i checked out the rest of her work too; so much cool stuff!

  2. Awww.. they are so cute! I would love to go to the Teddy Museum !



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