Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sanrio Sugar Bunnies

This film is so sweet and it reminds me of the same style as Amelie, it is just a short sanrio film done in French it has a recipe for a cake which is written below. Even though I didn't understand everything someone had written the recipe in the you tube comments. I love the style of this short film.
It doesn't give the exact measurements but here's what I have:
2 eggs
a lemon
fresh cream

"in a bowl, crack 2 eggs, add sugar and whisk (add flour too, i think :x) until nice and thick, rub the lemon (unpeeled) against a grater(or something) to add flavor.
Pour in a wide square pan that was lined with wax paper and sprayed with the non-sticking...stuff bake at 180 degree's for 10 minutes.
after it is fully baked, cut in half. Set a side 1 half and whisk into whipped cream. Spread on one of the half of the cake, not all of it though! add strawberries after washing them and cutting off the green tops. add more cream and put on the 2nd half of the cake like a sandwich. Cut off ends to make it more cleaner if you'd like. Ice the rest of the cake with the cream and decorate it as you like and enjoy :] .
Note: before trying to back this cake, i suggest going out and finding a real lemon cake recipe :x oh and add water when adding the sugar, etc."
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  1. Awww this is the cutest ever! I love the sugar bunnies! Thanks for tweeting it and following me on twitter.


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