Saturday, 18 April 2009

Poken, what is this? Do you Poken?

These are so cool read below and watch the film because you will see how easy they work I really want a 12 pack of these. Also the way they have designed them is fantastic the panda one is my fav. I can really see this getting to a massive scale.
"Poken is a revolutionary new product that helps you keep track of important contact information. It’s the perfect companion for when you meet people in various face-to-face settings such as at a conference, in a bar or on a college campus. Your Poken is a small key-ring size USB device that lets you exchange contact details instantly – with the touch of a Poken hand"
perfect for giving people your blog link, facebook page, twitter acount, myspace page and any other info you want to share instantly.
To purchase these visit Pokenplace .

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  1. very cool. Even more gadget fun that I must have..... but only if I find a panda =)

  2. ^^ SygnetCreations shared this on our team thread on Etsy. These are AWESOME! I want a 12 pack too!!


  3. Hi,
    Yoy can find all figures at our website
    Even the new Mix 5 and 7

    Have fun with your Poken


  4. are you actually getting a poken? i guess it will only work if everyone else gets one too?? ? it would be great if it caught on - i have nooo memoryy ..

  5. LOL, I like how you can even shadow Poken, i.e. not really give out your info to someone who insists on Pokening you when ya don't want to.

  6. I think I will get some eventually, I just hope they catch on because they look great. Maybe they should be dirt cheap right now and as they grow in popularity the price can rise. Even if it was a limited edition price range since I love them but it would be a bit useless if nobody else had one.


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