Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mum's £12,000 bid to look like daughter

I found this quite bizarre and funny too, I think it's strange they walk around in the same clothes I would really have to tell my mum to stop, and just get her own style and grow older with a bit of grace. It is good she feels better about herself but If I seen these two walking about like that I would have to just laugh. It's like twins but with one really wrinkly one. Would it not be better if the mother just dressed in her own clothes then at least people wouldn't compare the two of them! Uch each to their own and all that I suppose. You need to watch it and let me know your thoughts (I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of this weird twosome haha)

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  1. ha ha.. shit. she does look better than she did before - but i think all she needed was a new hair cut.. and i don't see why she wanted to look like her daughter. isn't it nice to have an own identity? it's a bit of a sad story.. i wouldn't be very proud if i was the daughter.

    the mother probably thinks people stare at them because they're so pretty, but people stare because they're a freakshow.

    my boyfriend thought it was disgusting, and even said "why would she want to look like her daughter? her daughter is ugly!!" hmm i don't think the daughter is ugly though.

  2. Yeah I think they get attention for the wrong reasons too, your right it is quite a sad story. I think the mother actually looks prettier than the daughter though. I hate too much make up and fake everything the daughter looks a bit like a drag queen.

  3. My worst freakin' nightmare!! My mother trying to look like me? NO NO NO!!!!


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