Friday, 10 April 2009

liquid dancing

I love liquid dancing, my friend came over from America and showed me it when I was younger I used to do it when I was at raves after that, I sometimes still do it when I have had a few too many (cringe) but I think I probably look like a total twat but hey ho, this guys is good at it though, I actually watched this while I was listening to much slower dub music and It was very mesmerising and relaxing.

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  1. that is fantastic! ha ha you'll have to post a video of yourself doing liquid dancing at a rave;)

    i think i'd be scared to see a video of myself dance!!!!

  2. He's clearly very good at it. Someone needs to be totally limber to do something like this. The body is like rubber...

  3. I don't think I have enough guts to post a film of me but I might do for a laugh. I seen the reflection of me in the telly today trying to do a keep fit hip hop video and I completely suck nowadays. Where has my rythm gone :(

    does it dissapear with age?


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