Saturday, 11 April 2009


I found this cutie video, I think babies are hilarious the way they can curl up so much look at that little leg all curled up it is almost like this baby is back in the womb. Very sweet! it melted my heart. I need to stop loving babies so much haha my poor boyfriend must be worried. I find myself more constantly looking at babies I blame it on this age plus most my friends have either just had babies or are pregnant so just looking is o.k isn't it? But yeah is it not quite sad that I found a baby photo on flickr that I thought looked like the baby me and my boyfriend might have so I saved it as a favourite but he thought it was cute too, still though I need to learn to look after myself first and even get a job and some money before I can think of having any babies. MUST GET A GRIP! although it does make me sad that money is a big factor.

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  1. oh I'm so with you on that sweet little baby..who wouldn't love looking at that :)


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