Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lego Strawberry Graffiti

check this funky little lego strawberry, I would be so happy to see that, I love this kind of graffiti it makes the world a nicer place imagine if there were cartoons and cool little graffiti characters all over the world wouldn't it make the world such a more interesting place.
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  1. ahh so ace! there's a part of berlin not far from where i live where everything is covered in graffiti. even the shops has graffiti, based on what they sell. apparently they have to do it that way unless they want loads of random graffiti there, as someone will cover the space in spray paint if it isn't already covered up.

    the place where i live is just outside of graffitiworld... maybe i should start a new trend here?? maha. i prefer multi coloured funny walls instead of boring ones.

  2. I love spotting random cuteness like that! :D


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