Friday, 24 April 2009


I never got the job and it's my fourth interview which has failed. They said that they don't think I have enough experience to be a supervisor but that they would like me to be part of the team and that there might be a position for me at some point, so at least it wasn't a total failure. I have another interview tomorrow which I hope I get. This is the hardest I have ever tried to get a job and the most I have ever applied for. I am really feeling the effects of the recession and I am sick of being broke. Looks like my interview necklace is getting sold. Also the degree I have does not seem to be getting me anywhere because there are no jobs i am experienced to do if I was 17 again I would go be an apprentice because going to uni and getting so in debt and to not even be qualified for anything really, really , really sucks.
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  1. i applied for a LOT of jobs when i was actually trying to get a job. i didn't get any of them. going to art college apparently didn't qualify me to much.. oh well. i knew that before i started the course - i still don't regret it. even if i don't have a job. i'm thinking it's too late now, i'm 25, .. i know it's not too late, i'm just hoping it is as i don't want to work, ha ha.
    then i look around me and see a lot of stupid people with even less education having actual jobs and then i think.. eehhh .. hmm..

    but it's friday, you deserve a beer! and i think you'll get a job with the magic interview necklace, i saw it on flickr, it's really nice, i bet it's magic!

  2. aww thanks Eva, I can't even afford to get beer the situation is pretty dire to say the least. but im trying to stop smoking and drinking anyway so I suppose it is a good thing. I just keep getting myself in bother when drinking although it's so hard not to.
    My friend is coming through tomorrow too which i'm looking forward to. I'm looking forward to getting the interview over with so I can actually enjoy myself this weekend. Thanks about the necklace but I think I will sell it now as I need the money and the job i'm going for tomorrow is a black uniform deal of an oufit I need to wear so no magic inteview necklaces for me. haha

    have a nice weekend, I'm away to check out your blog that will be fun as I haven't for a while now. x

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  4. A lot of my friends are struggling with the same problem, it seemsso hard to get a job these days :S Good luck with your next interview!

    What kind ofjobs are you interviewing for? And what did you study?

  5. Good luck in your search. It is really tough today.

  6. I was having exactly the same problem...although I wasn't even getting interviews! I gave up looking for work and got a voluntary internship at an arts centre for 3 months - totally hard having no money, although not much different from jobseekers allowance! So worth it now as they've offered me paid work which I would have had no chance of getting before as I had no experience. Keep on trying and don't be worried about trying to go about things in a different way, something will come up!

  7. Strawberry, you and me are in the same boat! Good luck to us both :) xxx

  8. Now I have two jobs! i will do a post about it soon. sorry for not replying to you all sooner I thought I had already Tizzy I studied computer arts. cybknight, i have been trying to make more items so I'm hoping to get back on track with my shop. Kmc - good luck for finding something just keep plugging away and something will come up. x


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