Sunday, 26 April 2009

Funny as hell Video

Is it evil that I can't help laughing at this? I have seen it a few times, I'm the kind of person that gets uncontrollable giggles like this too and it is so bad sometimes and in situations I really shouldn't get them I feel more empathy for the talk show host rather than the actual guy getting interviewed. Probably because I can relate more to the talk show host and don't have a voice that is extraordinary squeaky lol.

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  1. Haha! I'm not sure whether it's funnier that I don't what he's saying or not!

  2. aww poor squeaky man! i start laughing at inappropriate times too. once when i was wisiting some friends in england, there was all these people in the house who suddenly acted really weird. something had happened in a girl's room, and by the way they acted it seemed like it was a tragedy and really awful and i got really scared, thinking one of them had died or tried committing suicide or something. at first i didn't dare to ask, i just stood and watched the tragical looking people with a sense of horror, while my imagination was running wild.

    then this girl came into the livingroom where i was at. she had such a sad and serious look on her face. she sighed, and then said "it's pretty horrible.. her hamster died".
    ok, so it's pretty bad that the hamster died.. but i was laughing so hard, i had to go out in the back yard so as to not offend anyone. and i had to STAY there for a long long time, as i just couldn't stop.. soo yeah i can relate to the talk show host too.

  3. haha I know exactly what your speaking about Eva I am so bad with it too. Me and my mum got the giggles at my granddads funeral because my auntie was the most loudest, awful and out of tune carol singer going and she would open her mouth so wide too and she was belting it out and me and my mum got a terrible fit of the giggles. I think my granddad would have been laughing with us though hehe.

  4. Hilarious Video. Unappropriate giggler here!


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