Monday, 20 April 2009

Althea Crome, knitter of Coralines sweater and gloves

The first film is really cool and about the woman who does knitting on the tiniest needles ever I found this video over at the neatorama blog. The second video shows how they put the tiny hair in the puppets! I can't wait to see Coraline I think it looks like a really cool animated film.

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  1. So very cool! I had to steal the first vid to put on my blog. Thanks.

  2. Teeny teeny tiny needles. very cool.

  3. :O that's impressive. i might have to try knitting with tiiiiny needles.. what will i knit though? a scarf for a blythe doll?? i doubt i'll have the patience for anything more complicated than that. hee he.


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