Monday, 2 March 2009

Mariella's Unusual Micro Miniature Fantasy Funny Animals

Here is what Mariella says on her flickr profile:

"My name is Mariella I live in sunny Italy and I love to create miniature funny animals.
Almost all are smaller than they should be because I have a passion for all things small, mini, micro, and sweet.
In the MUFFA world there are funny micro animals, tiny bears and magical fairies.
All these funny guys are thought, designed, and created by myself, and they really have all my love, because I put all my passion and all my happy thoughts over them.
I usually work with a 0.50mm hook and I know that someday I'll be blind!!!
Oh and me too, when I see the pictures I've taken to my works, I wonder "How in the world I made it?"

To see more of Mariella's tiny creations click here

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