Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Koralie Street Art

I love this French based street artist from Montpellier. Her paintings make me relax they look kinda like budda geishas. Love it. They also look like Koeshi and Momiji dolls and who doesn't love them. In the you tube video Koralie tells you of her inspirations and about an up and coming exhibition also you get so see loads more of her work. she has a cool French accent c'est tres jolie.
If you want to go check out her site then click here

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  1. I am totally against graffiti in all its forms but I LOVE this!!! :) It's so cute and cheerful. As long as the artist gets permission I'm all for it and wish she'd come to my town! =)

  2. looks so awesome luv the design of it =]


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