Sunday, 1 March 2009

Kawaii Nails

You can even have ultra cute Kawaii nails, these are so cute you can buy them from

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  1. how cuuuuute!...but totally impractical for a crafter...:(

  2. I know right enough they probably wouldn't last for a minute on me. I find it hard enough to keep my real nails but I would squeal if i seen someone who was wearing these they are so much fun.

  3. Wow, how creative!! I'm not into fake nails at all, but I would wear them at least for a day to rock some of these!
    cool designs!

  4. OMG want these so bad but they would last about 5 minutes on me...

  5. These nails are sooo cute!
    Actually nail salons are very popular in Tokyo, too. But I can't wear any decorations on my nails because they are not suitable for household works, which I have to face everyday. :( If I don't have to cook, or take care of my dog, I may wanna try them on.


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