Thursday, 26 March 2009

How to feel high without taking drugs

Watch this video I was surprised how well it actually works I still feel a little bit dizzy from it now! Let me know what you think about the results and enjoy your trip :D
what the introduction says
Try this out, and experience natural hallucination. Stare at the center, keep your eyes still & look away when instructed. Don't worry, this isn't one of those lame "something pops up & scares you" videos.

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  1. Thanks for the buzz. Love your pic, makes laugh.

  2. hahahaha....

    I felt I had a crossed eyed now.

    but I need it sometimes for eyes testing to see if still good eyesight I had...


  3. Sweet! Looked like my walls were breathing.;O)

  4. that was freaky! I looked up at my son, who was siitting across from me, and his head was blowing up like a balloon and then deflating!


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