Saturday, 21 February 2009

Ugly Cabbage Patch Kid & Garbage Pail Kids

This cabbage patch kid looks really bad to me, those roots are horrible and it just looks weird. I still have never owned a cabbage patch doll, I still think their cute, even though this is the ugliest one I have ever seen. I think this one should just be called "cabbage" (poor wee cabbage patch doll, getting slated because I am in a bad mood)

Do you remember these cool stickers which are basically featuring cabbage patch kids with some comical abnormality or suffering some terrible fate? One day I'm gonna buy the whole collection of the cards. You may have to click on the cards to see them in a larger view. Also later there were "Trash Can Trolls" which were similar but with trolls I loved those too.

And fear not me hearties, I'm not always writing nasty things about poor defenseless little dollies! If you enjoyed my post then don't forget to subscribe and pick up your Free Stuff and check out my art gallery on facebook xxx


  1. I remember the Garbage Pail Kids. I even saw the movie:

    I was only 5-6 when I saw it, but I'm pretty sure I thought it wasn't good. Maybe i would appreciate it more now that I'm an adult... uh maybe not.

  2. Garbage Pail kids were awesome back in the day!! lol ahahahaha

  3. I never knew there was a movie! that is so cool! I wish i had sound on this computer im gonna have to try to watch it! even though it looked cheesy it might be funny thanks spider :)

  4. The dimples look a little fake is all. It's so funny to go back and watch things from yesteryear. I never really liked garbage pail kids though, my cousin did. You can listen to the theme song and find Cabbage Patch Kids birthday party supplies, cake decorations, and Cabbage Patch Kids coloring pages at if anyone is interested.

    I had the small Teddy Jefferson. I wonder how they came up with all the names? Teddy did have a large head.

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