Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Loco Roco Game is so Kawaii!!!

loco roco for the PSP is an amazing computer game and the best game I have played for years since Super Mario, that is only because I stopped playing computer games for years because I got too addicted but I'm back on them! and I have found a few good ones while being back on it BUT Loco Roco kicks ass! The graphics are so sweet and all through out the game you have the most cutest amazing music for a computer game EVER. The big blog type character splits into tons of tiny little ones and they all sing cute songs. I loved this so much that my 10 year old nephew barely got to play his PSP while he was up visiting because I had to complete it. In this video you can see them singing and the really cute graphics if you love kawaii you are sure to appreciate it.

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  1. Loco Roco is my favorite PSP game! Also the only one I have ever beat haha!

  2. hahaha it's like a weird acid trip

  3. Yeah it is a very funny trippy game! haha!

    Tokyo - you have the best taste :)


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