Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cute Finds in Cute Packaging

It's a bit annoying because I don't know where i found these photo's but they are of some nice packaging and products. I love colourful packaging it can really make me buy things I know that is a tad shallow but it really works I am a sucker for the cute and colourful.

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  1. Hey!Its candydollcouture off etsy :D I hope you dont mind but I featured you on my blog, your vials are just too cool to not mention!! Em xx

  2. The first ones were designed by Charuca, if you wanna know ;)

  3. lol , you are like me, all this colourful items make me buying, and pink/rose- this colour drives me

  4. oh wow thanks for the link lolita! and candy thank you so much! i'm away to check it out :)


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