Sunday, 18 January 2009

Next Thing I Must Stay Alive For..

Sometimes i find out about something that i would be so annoyed if i didn't make it to see, and the newest thing i'm really excited about is the new Alice in Wonderland film directed by Tim Burton and johhny depp is the mad hatter! ohh i think it will be excellent it will be coming out in 2010 and is a A live-action and CGI version! Alice in Wonderland Rules!


  1. ooh i didn't know about this film, i'll have to see it when it comes out!! in fact, i can't wait!!

  2. I know it will be the best thing ever i hope! i can imagine it will be the way i have always imagined it should be but it has just not been done yet!

  3. that. is. going. to. be. AWESOME!

  4. oooo fantastic ...tim burton always gets to do all the good stuff



  5. Whhhhaaaaaaahhhh oooh that is so awesome!! Thanks for letting me know!


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