Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Im a Raver Baby!

Interesting candy raver photo's, i miss my crazy raving days, i love the colours and the way they all dress!


  1. hmm i've got to get myself to a proper party soon, i miss the dancing, the people, the music, the dru.. uh, the drink. i've never seen too many candy ravers with all the bracelets etc, i thought it was more of an american thing? i do think they're fun to look at, it's always fun when people make an effort when dressing up.

  2. lol yes the dru...drink i miss too :P! i went to a fun party on new years and the other night for my friends leaving do that's what put me in the mood to look up these ravers! candy kids is definitely more of an American thing! but i would wear tons of bangles and i never knew that other people did i only found out there was lots of other people doing this when i went to America! i wasn't as outgoing as some of these people though i just wore a ton of colourful bracelets.


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