Sunday, 25 January 2009

Funky Eyemakeup Tutorial

If you are like me and are crap at putting on make-up don't fear! you tube has tons of tutorials, This is one of the best ones i found! There is somthing fascinating about watching people put on makeup don't you think?


  1. I never realized it, it IS fascinating to watch people put on eye makeup.
    I won't be trying it at home because A. I'm attached to my eyebrows. B. I don't even know what "sticky eye liner" is. C. Way too much work. D. I'd look like an idiot. E. Too many typos in the video.

  2. lol that's a lot of reasons! i like my eyebrows too much also, so i wont be doing that part! i never noticed the typos in the video! but that is because i can't spell well myself

  3. wow perfect!! i put some make up but it's not perfect like that...

  4. That was very interesting. I also like my eyebrows way to much. They looked cute with her look though. I have to admit I liked it better before she added the eye liner.


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