Saturday, 10 January 2009

Amy Winehouse Fairy

I had to blog about this, as I love fairies and Amy Winehouse! This amazing artist has managed to capture Amy Winehouse as a fairy perfectly! i will add a link to the website so you can check out other great works from this talented fairy artist!

Enchanted Whimsies
One of a Kind Art Dolls and Fantasy Sculpture


  1. i love polymer clay fairy artists.. i've even made a few attempts myself. it's fun to see an amy winehouse fairy, she's not an obvious fairy- subject.

  2. messed up poor soul she is, that's what chemicals do to folk, what a shame, you and fraz are doing well and i love you both, been thinkin bout baby hannah and marianne and arran also recently. has fraz managed to get the footage on you tube yet?? lol dad

  3. sorry dad only seen this a few years later haha!


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