Monday, 1 December 2008

Swimming Duck Shoes

Imagine my excitement to see such wonders?

The perfect shoes are out there folks and I want them bad here thy are (the actually have blue liquid in them with tiny swimming Ducks) REAL ONES!

They remind me of the duck vial necklace in my Etsy shop ...

Ducks don't suck!

Rock on Ducks!!!!!!

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  1. they heels are the girls version of the pne the pimp is wearing in 'im gonna get you sucka'...they are quite lovely

  2. Those remind me of the crazy high heeled shoes Elton John used to wear.

  3. These are great. I love ducks LOL

  4. They're slightly tacky, but I want them really badly. XD

  5. Those are soooo cool! I hope you get them!

  6. I remember back in the disco days seeing a very similar pair of shoes that had real live goldfish swimming in them.


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