Tuesday, 14 October 2008


I can't describe the love I have for Lego! it is my all time favourite toy I remember I made a mansion with a secret passage with a trap door and revolving book case, when you pulled a book out the bookcase turned and you were led into the secret passage!
my latest creation is made with lego here it is..


  1. I always loved Legos, too... I think the BEST thing about being a creative person is that you never have to grow up and you can play with Legos until you die!

    Love your blog... I'll be back!

    Renee :)

  2. What a cute bracelet and very creative..Darn, you are good..

  3. Wow, very impressive Lego work. What fun.

  4. Lego was also my favorite toy as a child. I was more into building spaceships and fighter jets and having mine collide with my friends' jets to see whose last longer.

    A cool lego creation there!


  5. I first had Lego back in the '60's. Last year my daughter worked at the Lego store so we have a LOT of Lego right now. There's a Lego dragon on top of my monitor!

    Nice Lego work!

  6. Very cool and creative -- love it!


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