Thursday, 2 October 2008


The EcoSphere is a display of a working ecological system. While it is beautiful to view, it also demonstrates the delicate balance of a closed ecosystem like the Earth. Contained within the completely sealed glass is a small variety of shrimp, algae, and microorganisms living in a filtered sea water environment.

The EcoSphere contains some of the same essential elements that are found on our planet. The Earth is represented by the gravel at the bottom with water filling two-thirds of the system while air fills the balance of the space. Fire is the light, which streams in each day. Finally, life: the algae, shrimp and microbes that float and swim in the water.

The EcoSphere's biological cycle represents a simple version of Earth's' own ecosystem. Light together with carbon dioxide in the water enable the algae to produce oxygen by photosynthesis. The shrimp breathe the oxygen in the water while nibbling on the algae and bacteria. The bacteria break down the animal waste into nutrients, which the algae utilize.
The shrimp and bacteria also give off carbon dioxide, which the algae again use to produce oxygen. And so the cycle renews itself.

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  1. That is just cool and so are those crayons below!


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