Friday, 10 October 2008

Don't Follow, Don't be brain dead and just say NO

If I was born in China
I might not be here
It's a man's world there
The elite stay clear
Don't get that I.D card they throw at you
You've already been tagged
Watching your every move
What difference would that card REALLY do
If you like to smoke and breath it out
Fill up a chamber with the Presidential louts
New world order will be here soon
Maybe next they will own the moon
Space money has already been created
Taxes are given to banks
Fuck this government bullshit
They can KISS MY ASS

- i like writing poetry , let me know what you think i will post more probably since i have books full of them but i don't want to bore people!

this film inspired me to write it! it is about two hours long but i think everyone should watch it..

Check it out on the documentary "Endgame". It is well worth watching if you can spare the time.


  1. Hey there! I find your poetry raw and telling. Thanks for sharing. I'll check that film out one day, as well.

  2. Your poetry is a good way of getting things off your chest..Keep at it..

  3. meh..your poetry is derivative and unoriginal

  4. and i just wasted a minute of your life reading it! that was worth it's weight in gold! quiteannoying


  5. Go awa an bile yer heid ye neep kickin tattie howker

  6. Tribal i love how you love me, it is obvious you can not resist the temptation to follow my every move!

  7. Boy, I couldn't have said it better myself! lol

    More poetry!


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