Sunday, 7 September 2008

My Newest Creation - a magic fairy wand with vial attached!

I'm quite excited about my newest creation to be thought up in my head this is a magic fairy wand with one of my vials at the end! please let me know if you like it, if i should make more? i was thinking gothic ones would be cool in dark colours and with nails and metal for a darker theme!


  1. Yup! I like it! Gothic would be good too!

    I really need to get to your site where your art is........


    I might spend money.....


  2. I think it is adorable..I am not into Gothic..but I am sure many would like it..Can't help myself..I am always trying to see the bright side of things..

  3. what a fun wand! Goth isn't really my thing but I think the wands are a great idea -- sometimes ya just gotta have one!

  4. Hey lady! Just wanted to let you know I purchased one of your vials! Whoot! AND wrote about it... :)

    It's the post I have today.

  5. wow thanks so much everyone and zyriana :)


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