Sunday, 7 September 2008

Entrecard - Dropping (Shitting) on people's pages!

Dropping on someone's page seems weird to me, i think it could be called something better than "dropping"

Anyway i have only been joined for one day and i love it already but i do feel guilty for leaving all my droppings on every blog i go to!

If you don't know what Entrecard is it is a blogging related site and it brings some love to your blog, i suggest anyone who needs some on their blog join ASAP! i have only been there one day and had tons of comments and attention! yes i crave it and i feel weak when i don't get it!

here is the link...


  1. The way people just use EC as a drop,and run without ever reading or commenting on the pages they visit you have named it well,(shitting on peoples pages.)

  2. Hey, leaving a little poop where I go is kinda fun!


    okay, that was weird

    I hope you are having fun though! For me it took a week or more to figure out what the heck I was doin! Well, to at least get into a *norm* to do it.

    ;) Habit that is

    Nice cartoon!!

  3. Fine, I plipped on your blog then.... Hope ya come plip on mine sometime.

    I do actually read the pages I "plip on" and love that Entrecard has introduced me to some really awesome blogs and people behind the blogs.

    Yours included, of course. =)

  4. Welcome to EC! :-) You've got a great blog here.

  5. I don't see a link...? Is it just me? Sounds interesting--I'd like to look into it further.

  6. I actually scan the blogs I drop on and sometimes I become a regular reader. I've also gained some regular readers from it.
    I don't see a link either...

  7. It does feel weird dropping on random sites. I've only been using EC (and blogging at all) for about three weeks. At first I felt really bad dropping on people's sites unless I stuck around to read them. Now, I only drop if it's something I might read and I scan a few posts and see if I like it. I've actually bookmarked a bunch of sites and read them now.
    BTW - that's me in the EC widget for today. :)

  8. Hi! Just discovered your blog by returning a drop you made on my blog.

    Contrary to what Mr. Wilson claims, many of us do read the blogs ... well most of them anyway. It can be too time-consuming if you're dropping 300 a day, which is needed to work the system properly. But I eventually give most blogs a fair amount of time for reading.

    And we leave comments. :o)

    I've favorited your blog so I'll be back. Any blog by my fellow Rtsians will get more than the customary attention from me.

  9. Haha! It's indeed funny to call it dropping - more like shitting. But it's fun, isn't it? Btw, thanks for shitting...I mean dropping by my blog : )


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