Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I Hate My Printer And Everything Else

i was going to keep this blog positive but i have to have a rant! im so annoyed right now!

my printer was so expensive and it is not working now which means i can not do online postage and the company i bought new inks from send the wrong kind to me so i have to wait until i get more inks to see if the printer will work ( because it doesn't work unless all the ink cartridges are filled)

then when the inks come i might find out that it is actually the printer that is causing the problems and not just the ink!

when a full ink load costs around £90 you can understand why i am infuriated right now! my printer is an epson stylus r2400! which are really expensive too so im pretty distraught!

it is the last thing i need on top of everything else! i have emailed my customers to explain anyway but i hate having to do that!!

it feels nice to have a rant! such a boring rant but i had to get it out!


  1. I won't kid you, it can be really upsetting..lately my computer is driving me crazy..I have to get away from it..Hope all is well with your printer now..

  2. I hear Epson with archival inks are really the very best if you're printing your own artwork, but I've owned a number of printers and for an everyday workhorse I really prefer HP printers because they're so low maintenance. I've owned a bunch of printers and scanners over the years and unless I start printing my own artwork, I'm sticking with HP printers.


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