Monday, 9 June 2008

Been Busy Girl

i made tons of new vials before my craft fair and i managed to make 14 in one day i shocked myself! if only i could have more time i could make millions! i made some repeat ones that have already sold on dawanda and on etsy just to hopefully keep the ball rolling! here is a little photo of some together!

they remind me of yummy lolly pops!

some of my new vials!


  1. They are beautiful..I can't get over how wonderful they all look..What a great job you did...

  2. I really like these clever necklaces. Good luck at your show!

  3. cute! some of them remindme of a lightbulb, like "hey, bright idea!" :)
    good luck on the craft show!!!

  4. Oh, I love the colors! I'm so excited about color lately!

  5. thanks so much everyone! i have tons more i need to photograph! i will get on it tomorrow!


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