Monday, 30 June 2008

Pock-ittle has a good new home ( and i have the photo's to prove it)

I sent off one of my Pokkle's on a long journey far away! and i got some news and photo's showing me how happy Pock-ittle is. Here they are...

To credit the other items in the photo's:

Pullip (Zombuki Masai) by Brigitte
elephant (Minja) by Vonvonz
rabbit-like plushie (Yareli) by Morninglori
cardboard bonsai by Smoggy Mountain

Thanks so Much Desiree for the wonderful photo's!!!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

featured on the main page of the Fashion Portal channel in the TalentDatabase

i got an email and they gave me this code to put in my blog

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I Hate My Printer And Everything Else

i was going to keep this blog positive but i have to have a rant! im so annoyed right now!

my printer was so expensive and it is not working now which means i can not do online postage and the company i bought new inks from send the wrong kind to me so i have to wait until i get more inks to see if the printer will work ( because it doesn't work unless all the ink cartridges are filled)

then when the inks come i might find out that it is actually the printer that is causing the problems and not just the ink!

when a full ink load costs around £90 you can understand why i am infuriated right now! my printer is an epson stylus r2400! which are really expensive too so im pretty distraught!

it is the last thing i need on top of everything else! i have emailed my customers to explain anyway but i hate having to do that!!

it feels nice to have a rant! such a boring rant but i had to get it out!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A pretty collage i made!

i like the reflections in my vials and i was playing about with them and decided that i might get this blown up and put on my wall!

so thought i would share it..

Monday, 9 June 2008

Been Busy Girl

i made tons of new vials before my craft fair and i managed to make 14 in one day i shocked myself! if only i could have more time i could make millions! i made some repeat ones that have already sold on dawanda and on etsy just to hopefully keep the ball rolling! here is a little photo of some together!

they remind me of yummy lolly pops!

some of my new vials!

Custom Necklace Order Finished!

i was asked to make a custom necklace similar to my blue magoo one in the strawberry anarchy shop! it was to be all green and purple and i took a bit too long on it so i made a free bangle for a present to make up for me taking too long with it! here is the finished outcome i wore it so she could see what it looks like! what do you think of it?

custom order for someone on etsy

Mini Craft Fair @The Art Bar Dundee

My friend Nick told me that there was going to be a craft fair at the art bar in Dundee it was very last minute but i decided to go for it anyway to get my name out there a bit! it was the very first one so it was quite quiet but it was a great day and lot's of my friends came down which was great since i hadn't seen them all together for what seemed like ages! i was selling stuff quite cheap to get my name out there! here is some photo's! the only problem with having a craft fair at a bar is that you end up spending all of your money on booze! i will have to remember to stay away from the alcohol next time! but it was such a good day seeing all my friends and the sun was shining so sometimes it's o.k :)

me and my friends @ the art bar

mhairi, delia, me frazer, naomi and johnjo!

mhairi, delia, me frazer, naomi and johnjo!

you can see more photo's if you go to my flickr page.. just click on the photo to take you to my flickr stream

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Frazer Gibson Joins in true Strawberry Anarchy style

My boyfriend has joined my shop and will be listing lot's of ACEO's
One of a Kind, original Painting of a little sun spirit ACEO (Artists Cards Editions & Originals)
im so excited about this i love his work and we make a good team! here is his first edition to the shop and a little picture of the creator himself..
he will also be blogging on here too!

photo of Frazer and me;
me and frazer my boyfriend

Sun Spirit OOAK Original Painting ACEO by Frazer Gibson;
Frazers first edition to the strawberry anarchy shop

Monday, 2 June 2008

An Example of my packaging

i decided to take some photo's for the Etsy Packaging pool on flickr, here are some examples..

How I Package My Parcels When i Get Sales

How I Package My Parcels When i Get Sales

How I Package My Parcels When i Get Sales

How I Package My Parcels When i Get Sales

and the link to the etsy pool where you can see lot's of different packaging ideas..

The Perfect Gift for an Artist/ Illustrator/ Painter

This is my latest in vials! a 1 inch cutie with tiny paint tubes with a sign saying "I♥PAINTING"

I heart Painting Artist Paint Tubes in a Tiny Vial Pendant Necklace

I heart Painting Artist Paint Tubes in a Tiny Vial Pendant Necklace

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Fairy Tales In My Mind - A Short Film By Me

a personal project i did experimenting with film and animation combined i was inspired by my trip to morocco. I did this for a university project for my computer arts post! it's quite old i graduated last year.

Wellcome To My Blog

I will start by introducing myself! My name is Miquette, I'm 26 and from Scotland! I decided to make a blog to share some things i love and to share my new creations with people and the creations i love along with other mad, cool crazy things in this mental world that catch my attention! ! i wasn't sure about having a blog before because i can be quite lazy but i reckoned it would be a nice project and good to look back to when im an old granny! here is a photo of me so you know what i look like1 it is always nice to put a picture to a face! although this photo is quite poser-ish! never mind! i had to be slightly poser-ish since i got asked to wear two of the necklaces i made at the same time! yes yes excuses excuses!

i just remembered that i will have to post the films i have made on here! - i think aloud a lot so my typing can be quite random. I'm off now to learn some new blogger stuff NOW...
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